Hello! I'm Jaclyn - your class instructor!


I'm a wife, a dog mom, a self-proclaimed dog nerd, a dog-parent trainerand the founder of Pawberry.Co and the Pawberry Tribe - Dog Parent Training & Dog Rescue/Org Fundraising.

I educate and encourage dog parents by sharing my personal journey as a dog mom of 3 rescue pups and all of the lessons and wisdom I've learned along the way.

I help and support dog parents; teach them how to understand and better care for their pups; and ultimately, celebrate those who are irrevocably devoted to their dogs' lifelong health, wellness and happiness. 

I can't wait to meet you at class! If you have any questions before then, you can always send me a FB friend request & message, ask your question in the Oct 23 & Oct 28 event pages, or email me at ( 


Meet the star of the show & the love of my life


From an abused, emaciated, homeless pup struggling to keep her babies alive in freezing temps to (now) a couch potato, sunbathing, down-blanket lover, zoomie-running, spoiled princess.

Charlotte is a lover of all humans and will quickly steal your heart with her grateful, loving eyes and calm natured, ragdoll-like benevolence. 

She will stand still -- tail wagging fast as can be -- as you feel around to find her pulse, learn how to check her capillary-refill time, check her hydration levels and practice how to hold & restrain a dog. Getting LOTS of belly-rubs and love from Dad in between practices, of course!

While Charlotte absolutely adores humans and is incredibly loving to all of them, she most definitely prefers having ALL the attention on her -- AKA no other dogs.  Please keep your sweet pups at home and enjoy your time loving on CharChar throughout the class.